Monday, January 21, 2013

New Inside My Kit &Reviews. (Version 1)

So far, I love this lip color. I'm totally into the the whole smokey eyes and nude lips these days. I pair this with VIVA GLAM 5 below. =D

I love that this color is nude, but pink and shimmery at the same time. Looks great with a smokey eye.

This was Sephora's birthday present for 2012, and so far, I love this. I was using EOS before hand and that stuff was way overrated due to its really cute packaging. It didn't even moisturize. This, on the other hand, keeps my lips nice and smooth, and it tastes like lemon! The Rose one has a tiny tint, but works just as lovely as the original. I think I have found a new favorite lip treatment. MOVE OVER CARMEX AND BURT'S BEES.

I'm a sucker for matte, nude colors. I use this palette more than the first 2 Naked's these days. My favorite shade so far is Venus, which I use in my brow bone and tear ducts, and Faint which doubles as my brow powder.

They ran out of the full sized Poreless and BB in my shade at my local Sephora, so conveniently, I found sample sizes all in one package. I'm not too hot about their mascara as I am still stuck on Benefit's They're Real; however, I love the new texture the BB and primer leaves my face. The primer leaves my skin nice and smooth for my powder. The BB cream gives a nice smooth coverage, and it doesn't leave my skin greasy unlike most BB creams. Lately, I've been using the BB in lieu of my moisturizer on days I am on a rush doing my makeup. 

Just like most primers, it leaves a nice matte texture on my face prior using powder. (I don't use foundation) As far as dark spot correcting, I have yet to do another review to see if some of my freckles and scars are gone. =D

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  1. You are VERY welcome for the brush belt & did you use the sephora gift card to get those lip balms?! I'm soo investing in them...they seem really cool :) & I LOVE this. I'm going out to buy the lip liner/lipstick from MAC today because I've been DYING for a good nude tutorial..I always end up looking like a zombie when I try out other tutorials LOL.anwyay, thanks love!

    P.S. I need your help deciding on a good bronzer for my face :)