Monday, March 11, 2013

New Inside My Kit &Reviews. (Version 2)

I've heard talk about the BeautyBlender for a really long time but was hesitant to purchase it. $25+ for a sponge did not seem worth it when I was okay with what I already had in my kit. I stumbled upon these little guys at TJMaxx for less than half the price. On the right is Cynthia Rowley's Blending Sponge. I haven't used it yet but have read good reviews on its comparability with the BeautyBlender. This was only $5.99. On the left is a blending sponge by Revive which looks almost like the BeautyBlender itself. It was only $4.99, and for that price, it does a wonderful job at blending. I use this to blend in my powder when it appears in weird and uneven patches, or my blush/bronzer when I've put on too much. It's amazing! If it does the job at a cheaper price, why bother, right? 

I needed a good translucent powder to use in the rare occasions I wear liquid foundation. Using Studio Fix on top made my face feel too cakey which then turns my skin into a disaster the next day. So far, I like the lightweight texture of this product. I found that it doesn't work well with BBCream because it doesn't cover much. This was $15 at The Cosmetic Company Store.

 Spring is starting peek through the corner which means it's time for BRIGHT COLORED LIPSTICKS! I found this beautiful bright purple shade (Gemma) in Stila's Color Balm Lipstick. I love that it moisturizes, and I love that it's very bold. I pair it with my Prune NYX Lipliner and VOILA! Bold spring lips. 

I got tired of using my Shadow Insurance, so upon stumbling upon a large collection of MAC Paint Pots at the outlets, I purchased this! I like my shadow primers creamy and thick,just like this product, because it really allows the shadows to stick. I found that some primers, like Shadow Insurance, are kind of oily. This shade is in Painterly and only $13 at The Cosmetic Company Store. 

Again, I found MAC Studio Sculpt at The Cosmetic Company store for only $12 and LUCKY ME, I found one in my shade. =D I love that this concealer simply covers my dark circles and doesn't define any of the the fine lines under my eye. LOVE! And at a cheap price. 

I wanted to go back to reviewing this product. I know was raving about Tarte's BBCream and Poreless, BUT I found that with more use, I was developing an allergic reaction to it. I loved the smooth texture it had upon initial use, but with longer wear, my face would itch and turn blotchy. DUD. For me anyway.

I have been looking for a quality brow pencil without the expensive price, and since I have trusted Milani's Brow Fix, I purchased Easy Brow in the same brand. It glides on smoothly, and I like that it comes with a spool brush on the other end for convenient blending. I'd say it's comparable to Anastasia products without the Anastasia price.

Hope you all enjoyed reading.


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